Is MAMP compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, MAMP is compatible with Windows 10.

What does MAMP stand for?

The abbreviation “MAMP” stands for: My Apache - MySQL - PHP.

Where can I download MAMP?

Get the latest version of MAMP from our website https://www.mamp.info/en/downloads/.

Where can I find error log files?

All log files are stored in: c:\MAMP\logs.

Which Apache modules are included?

Apache modules are located in the c:\MAMP\Library\modules folder.

Which PHP modules are included?

To find out which PHP modules are included, use the following procedure:

Start the servers and direct your web browser to http://localhost:8888/MAMP/. Click on the phpInfo tab at the top of page.

Where is my database data located in MAMP for Windows?

Your database data is located in C:\MAMP\db\mysql\.

Where is my php.ini file located?

Your php.ini for MAMP is located in C:\MAMP\conf\phpX.XX.

Where is my httpd.conf file located?

Your httpd.conf file is located in C:\MAMP\conf\apache\httpd.conf.