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If your credentials fail, then first confirm your user name and password inputs are correct. If you have confirmed these are correct, then confirm the path provided is the remote document root for your public url domain.

The major PHP version on your remote server must be at least the same major version of your MAMP PRO host, e.g.: local host PHP version 7.0.27 will work with remote server PHP version 7.0.13 will have compatible version in order to start transferring.

Your remote web server type (Apache or Nginx) must be the same of your MAMP PRO host, e.g.: if your host web server is Apache, make sure you are uploading your files to an Apache remote web server.

Error Codes

If something doesn’t work, then we usually also provide an error code. We have listed the meanings of the individual error codes for you on a separate page.


The log file for the remote functions can be found here:

MAMP PRO can also log information about a successfully established FTP connection. You must create the file “/Applications/MAMP/logs/FTP+.log”. In this file you will find the data of the last FTP connection established. You can see from the data logged here, for example, whether the login was successful or not.