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webEdition is an open source web application framework and content management system. webEdition will always be installed in a folder called webEdition inside the document root folder. More information about webEdition can be found here.


  • Email address:
    Your email address.
  • Table prefix:
    Set the name of your database schema prefix. webEdition offers the ability to manage multiple websites using a single database schema.

  • Database name:
    Set the name of your database schema which will be added to your local database. After installation you can view this database for this instance of webEdition using phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, or MySQLWorkbench.

  • User name:
    The webEdition admin.
  • Password:
    The webEdition admin’s default password.
  • Directory:
    webEdition will be installed in a subdirectory of your document root named webEdition.