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Drupal is content management software. It’s used to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. More information about Drupal can be found here.


  • Name of the site:
    The name your site.

  • Email address:
    Your email address.

  • Directory:
    The installation directory. If it is left blank the Drupal files will be copied directly to the document root folder.

  • Table Prefix:
    The table prefix for your site.

  • Database name:
    Set the name of your database schema which will be added to your local database.
    After installation you can view this database for this instance of Drupal using phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, or MySQLWorkbench.

  • User name:
    The Drupal admin’s user name.
  • Password:
    The Drupal admin’s default password.


After your Drupal extra is installed you will see two links to your site. The MAMP button will open your Extra’s homepage. The MAMP button will open the admin page of your Drupal site. Your admin page is in your “/user/login” subdirectory of your document root. Your database name is indicated to the right of the MAMP icon, your database table prefix is in parenthesis.



Installing Drupal with Extras and Manually