Settings > Editor


Adjust your document editing settings here.


  • Auto-Save:
    • Save automatically when closing a modified document

  • Editing:
    • Show invisible characters
    • Spell check as you type
    • Show lines numbers
    • Enable smart insert and delete
    • Show matching braces
    • Show page guide, at column

  • Auto-Complete:
    • Suggest automatically, after delay (in seconds)
    • Include standard words
    • Auto-insert a closing )
    • Auto-insert a closing }

  • Tab Width

    Number of spaces to tab with.

  • Indent Width

    Number of spaces to indent with.

  • Indenting

    • Indent with spaces, not tabs
    • Tab stops
    • Indent new lines the same as the line above
    • Line wrap
    • Treat { and } intelligently

Fonts and Colors

Adjust your document color settings here.


Default Apps

Adjust your default application settings here.