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Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data. The memcached and igbinary php extensions will be added to your PHP configuration when Memchached is added to your Groupstart servers.


You can confirm the memcached extension has been activated using phpinfo. Go to Webstart > phpinfo in the MAMP PRO user interface. If the memcached extension is installed you will see the above information in phpinfo.


  • Include Memcached server in GroupStart

    Check to include the Memcached Server in GroupStart. When activated Memcached will automatically start/stop when the Servers button is pressed. The memcached PHP extension is automatically included when this option is enabled.

  • Flush cache
    Flush your cache.

  • Stats
    View your cache statistics.

  • Allow network access to Memcached

  • Log level

  • Path to Memcached log file
    Errors occurring during execution of the Memcached server will be saved to this log file.

Additional information