Start/Stop Servers:

Start and start the active servers.


Open the WebStart page.


Go directly to the Extras pane of the last selected host.

Verify MySQL Databases:

Get a complete list of schemas and tables inside of your MySQL Database.

Repair MySQL Databases:

Runs mysqlcheck which performs table maintenance.

Update MySQL Databases:

Update your databases.

Dump MySQL Databases:

Create a dump of your databases. You will be asked to save your database dump to a file.

Show Hosts File:

The hosts file is located in the “/etc” directory, it maps host names to the IP address of your Mac. The host file contains the host names. Host entries created by MAMP PRO are marked by “# MAMP PRO - Do NOT remove this entry!”. These will disappear when Apache is shut down.

Start System Apache / Web Sharing:

Enable the Apache server that is included with macOS.