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Increase the PHP memory limit

  1. Start MAMP PRO
  2. Stop the server if it’s running
  3. Choose Menu > File > Edit Template > PHP 5.x.x php.ini / PHP 5.x.x php.ini
  4. The PHP ini file will be opened.
  5. If a dialogue box pops up, read it and confirm with OK
  6. Search (Command + F) for memory_limit
  7. You should get the following line:
    `memory_limit = 32M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8M)’
  8. Now you can change the default value of 32M. For instance into 64M or even more (like 128M)
  9. Save (Command + S) your changes.
  10. Close (Command - W) the file.
  11. Start the Server.