First Steps > Add Additional WordPress Host

You can create a host with WordPress automatically installed. Check the “Install WordPress” checkbox, and then press “Continue”. Check the “generate certificate for https access” checkbox if you want to make your site https.

Your WordPress site will be bound to the current port Apache is running on. The default Apache port for MAMP PRO is port 8888. It is best to install WordPress using Apache port 80. The Apache port number can be changed on the Ports tab.


You will need to fill out several fields to finish your WordPress installation.


The Admin name and Admin password are your WordPress administrator name and password. You will need these to log in to the administration section of your WordPress site. Write these down so you do not forget them.

The Database, Database user, and DB password fields will complete your installation. They are the name of the database which will be used by your WordPress installation, the MySQL user and password associated with this database in your MySQL installation.

Press “Create Host” to button to create your WordPress host.